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“Seriously amazing! Shaped my brows to fit my face perfectly! I definitely recommend Jackie to everyone who wants symmetrical eyebrows."


“Jackline has been doing my eyebrows for nearly two years now and I will NEVER let anyone else touch them ever again. She saved me and brought them back to life”


Microblading - Frequently asked questions

What is eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique designed to stylise, reshape and enhance the eyebrows. Technique involves the use of a microblading tool with very small needles or blades which the artist uses to make hair-strokes on the skin with pigment to re-create the appearance of the eyebrows.


It is can be used to enhance the current appearance and also to repair damaged eyebrows that are out of shape, too thin or have gaps. Microblading is also known as eyebrow feathering.

What happens in the initial eyebrow consultation

The first step in microblading is the initial eyebrow consultation where we discuss styles and expectations. From her many years of experience, Jackline will recommend the perfect eyebrow shape to beautifully frame your eyes and face.


Next, we will analyse the frame of the face measuring the key points on the eyebrow and face, including the centre of the face, placement of the eyes (normal, narrow, wide-set), and the starting point, arch and endpoint of the eyebrows.


This is sketched out on the brows for clients to see and agree with the design, thickness, arch that the finished microblade eyebrows will look like.

What happens during the microblading procedure

The process takes 2.5 hours from beginning to end with the following steps:

1.  Eyebrow shaping with threading of excess growth and cleaning up the outside of the eyebrow area.

2.  Applying numbing cream around the eyebrow area to make this a comfortable and painless experience.

3.  Measuring and preparing the design and colour as sketched during the initial consultation.

4.  Then the main microblading needling process begins, with very light hair stokes implanting the pigment in the eyebrow until the whole area of both eyebrows is complete.

5.  Final touches including an extra layer of pigment and polishing up the outside area. Then we have the finished product – your new perfect eyebrows!   

6.  Aftercare advise such as how to avoid damaging your brows, what to expect as the colour varies and settles.

How long does microblading treatment last

Our eyebrow microblading treatment will last on average up to 18 months to 2 years, although with some very oily skins types, it can be less from 6-12 months.


During this time we advise clients to get several touch-ups to ensure the shape stays just right. The first retouch is at 6 weeks, which is free with the Eyebrow Symmetry microblading treatment.


The next time a touch up is needed is at around 12-18 months after the eyebrows have experienced natural growth beyond the ideal shape and some pigment may have started to fade.

What happens during the first retouch session

After six weeks the procedure will have settled and can be evaluated to fill in an gaps, add extra strokes, or add a darker colouring if needed.

What are your qualifications and experience in microblading

Eyebrow Symmetry owner Jackline Porto is a 'Master Eyebrow Designer' with 30 year’s experience. She has been trained by international & award-winning artist, David Zhang, is a qualified Cosmetologist & Make-up Artist, and has certifications in: 3d Micropigmentation, Depigmentation, Eyebrow Shaping & Design and more.

The best Microblading in Sydney

Jackline was recently voted "Best Eyebrow Designer Northern Beaches (Sydney) 2020" by Manly Daily / Daily Tele readers. Don’t risk your face with amateur designs that appear awkward, come to the centre for eyebrow design – Eyebrow Symmetry – the best microblading in Sydney!

How much does microblading cost

Can I book online

Yes, online bookings can be made here, Please first book the initial eyebrow consultation which will then lead to the full microblading service.