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Eyebrow Design & Shaping

Eyebrow Design (Second Visit, Onward)

Eyebrow Designing (Second Visit, Onward)





Includes Henna or Brow Tint

Brow design without Henna or Brow Tint

Eyebrow Design, for women (First Visit)



Includes a complimentary Henna or Brow Tint

Eyebrow Design, for men (First Visit)



Eyebrow Design for Men (Second Visit, Onward) 



Eyebrow Design for Women

At Eyebrow Symmetry we aim to design perfect eyebrows to beautifully frame your eyes and face to wonderfully lift your appearance.


Creating the right balance and symmetry is key to the right design, along with other important elements like shape and proportion, to make a design that uniquely suits you.

Our Eyebrow Design process will take you through these steps:

  1. Consultation regarding current and desired brow shape, and a professional recommendation of shape 

  2. Drawing a symmetrical framework unique to you

  3. Eyebrows shaped from start to arch to endpoint

  4. The procedure involves tweezers, light threading and scissors

  5. Tinting and Henna to remove greys and uplift the colour in line with the hair colour and skin tones 

  6. Finishing touches include removing any excess hair outside the shape and cleaning the outside for perfect neat finish  

  7. Advice on maintenance and care to get the best of your brows

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Eyebrow Design for Men: Trim, Grooming & Tint

Our eyebrow design/grooming services for men aim to trim & shape the male brow to enhance and refresh the natural appearance.


We use tweezers and light threading to trim the thickened brow removing excessive and unsightly growth. Colour tint and henna is also available to hide the grey and blend your brow colour to match your hair.


Our designs for men create a masculine, natural, youthful, neat brow that nicely lifts your appearance.    

Men's eyebrow designs before & after photos

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