Good and bad examples of Microblading, Feathering & Cosmetic Tattooing

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Microblading is a treatment that requires a high level of skill and experience by the eyebrow designer. Today I have decided to share with you, my clients the thoughts behind my work in regards to microblading and show you the big difference between good and bad technique.

On commencing this new niche, like all of my work, I made sure to research and study the complexities of microblading, looking at the mishaps and successes of other eyebrow specialists. In doing so I was able to create the perfect technique, providing my clients with outstanding results.

Some of my work with Eyebrow Symmetry clients:

In contrast, the following are some microblading fails that are NOT my work:

These are often done by amateurs or beauty professionals that are not trained specifically in the art of eyebrow design and microblading.

As seen in the comparison images above, microblading is a serious process that changes the whole look of your face and should be done by qualified specialists, otherwise the results can be awkward, clownish and ugly. And it is also very important that your health is not put at risk with substandard practices.

When done correctly microblading can accentuate your features and give you a younger more stylish look. So when considering microblading, think Jackline Porto at Eyebrow Symmetry Dee Why for the best results. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)

Jackline Porto

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